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“As a psychologist, I am familiar with the benefits of psychotherapy and believe that it can be a helpful way to achieve change.  At the same time, I reached a place in my own life when psychotherapy didn’t seem to be the thing to help me gain greater clarity about my goals, particularly my desire to find a loving partner and to have a family life with him.  That’s where coaching came in.
One of the most powerful tools that Coach Darla and I worked on together was my vision map for the type of relationship and marriage that I intended to have.  As I put together the map with words and images from magazines, I felt more and more clear about what I wanted (and what I didn’t want).  Perhaps the most challenging aspect of the exercise was clearly stating my intention to be in a loving marriage and setting a timeline for the realization of that intention.  I remember feeling foolish and laughing out loud at my own audacity when, on December 1, 2008, I wrote that I intended to be in a happy, loving marriage by December 1st of the following year.  How in the world could that come true?

After a brief relationship a few months later that helped me to clarify my values even more clearly, I was surprised when I met a wonderful man only four months after I had created my vision map.  You can also imagine my surprise and joy when we decided to marry later that year.  Thus, what seemed to be a ridiculously audacious goal of finding and marrying a wonderful man led to real amazement when I found myself happily married to a great person in October of 2009.

I found the tool of the vision map to be particularly helpful.  Even more helpful were Coach Darla’s encouragement and genuine confidence, her unflagging support and belief that what I wanted was possible.  She was committed to helping me focus my intentions and to bring my actions into line with what I most valued.”

-Elizabeth M.

“Coach Darla Rocks! Coach Darla changed my life!
Okay, maybe that’s kind of dramatic. How about, ‘Coach Darla stood by with unwavering support, always ready with an ear to listen and a voice with words of wisdom as I have taken the steps to change my own life.’  I called Coach Darla in 2007, with hopes that she could help me make some work changes not realizing that I really needed to work on myself first.  Darla helped me make sense of thoughts and feelings and helped me recognize that pesky little monkey mind.  I have done my fair share of crying in her office and also a LOT of laughing. She has empowered me with the tools to know myself better and to deal with those curveballs that life throws at me, and I am so thankful.

And here’s the absolutely amazing part – As I worked on myself, I also found and took action on a dream of going into business for myself.  I am now passionate about what I do and have more quality time with my family, which is what took me to Darla in the first place. My goal for wanting to make some work changes was met but not in the way I had originally thought it would be.  And it didn’t take the path that I thought it would. It’s better!  So much better!  Darla has become more than my coach. She has become my friend too.”

-Jennifer A.

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