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Recent Thoughts from The View from the Balcony

  • THE POWER OF GRATITUDE Read through to the gift below to share this Thanksgiving. Enjoy!   Are you irritable and bug eyed with the notion there will probably be no vegan dishes at the Thanksgiving dinner table for you? Pissy after driving through the rain and snow for hours to get to Auntie Emme’s house? Worried that cousin Dottie is there this year ...
  • Training Wheels Are Coming Off! An Announcement and Celebration!   I am excited to announce that as of today, I am now officially in the paperwork que to receive my designation of Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator (CDWF). Over the past year, the work of Dr. Brené Brown has further solidified my stand for the courageous authentic woman. I have been deeply touched ...
  • PLAY Play is becoming serious business. A few years ago the New York Times had a cover story about play in their Sunday magazine titled “Taking Play Seriously?”. The pictures only show children. Where were the adults? Somewhere along the way we have lost something in our culture. Play. It’s time to consciously and deliberately bring play back into ...
  • Have Self-Compassion For Your Mistakes Life Is Messy! Yep! Life can be a real bummer sometimes. Sometimes, we make mistakes, we screw up and then things really get messy. We are doing the best we can, we think “I got this” and then we drop the ball. I know it is hard to believe but this has happened to me. I ...
  • Burning Building   Where Are You On the Trust-O-Meter? Over the last couple of years I have had the incredible opportunity to work with many women leaders. There is something that comes up often. And it’s bugging me. It goes something like this: “Our people don’t trust us. Why? What do I do about it?” “I want to collaborate and make ...

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