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Coach Darla has guided hundreds of people in their quest to live lives of love, fulfillment, happiness and passion.  Discover how she can get you on the path to finding and living your true passion.  Coach Darla speaks to groups on the following topics and is happy to customize her presentation to the needs and desires of your group.  Book Coach Darla for your next retreat, workshop or special event.

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“Have Crayons, Will Travel!” Coach Darla’s Shiny New Themes:

The Art of Sacred Selfishness
Pointing to the feminine and self-care critical to our well-being.  You are worth it.

The Connected Leader™
Teachings that engage the head, heart and gut.

Courageous Conversations
Artful leadership asks big questions and gets big answers.  We are not in Kansas anymore.


A Few of Coach Darla’s Tried-and-True Topics:

Dancing With Your Monkey Mind
Do you struggle with a constant, ongoing judgmental voice inside your head?  Have you ever experienced self-doubt?  Does your mind create worst-case scenarios?  Put on Coach Darla’s glasses with the big eyeballs and deal with your Monkey Mind!  Discover your passion and feel the relief of discovering your true, authentic self.

Feminine Leadership in the 21st Century
Women are on the move, speaking with their own authentic voices and making a difference as leaders in today’s world.  How do women lead differently than men?  Coach Darla explores how women use compassion, communication and collaboration in their leadership roles and how you can empower your feminine self.

Keeping Passion Alive – The Power of Vision
Do you love your work?  Are your relationships energized and fulfilling?  Do you approach your life with energy, vitality and passion?  These are the questions Coach Darla will explore with your group as she discusses the habitual, unconscious patterns that hold us back from achieving a happier, gratifying and more satisfying life, which translates into having more fun!

Thank God It’s Monday!
The rules in corporate America have changed.  Sometimes there don’t even seem to be any rules.  The structure, the security, the traditional paths to success don’t exist anymore, and people need to make their own way through what sometimes looks and feels like chaos.  Coach Darla shares ways to create a personal vision and to build and implement action steps to a dynamic and satisfying career.

An Effortless Life
Does your life feel like a struggle with lots of barricades and pitfalls?  Coach Darla discusses how to live life with Clarity, Focus, Ease and Grace™.  When you see what is truly important and worth working toward, you can direct your energies toward accomplishment, venturing further than you could ever have imagined.

Conducting a “Whoops Review”
This leadership program helps executives, managers … and parents! … to create a problem-solving/solutions focused environment by increasing focus and spontaneity.  In this process, the team or the family examines what has worked and what hasn’t worked (whoops!).  It invariably features applause!



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