Coach Darla’s Glossary

And That’s the Truth!  — The moment you shed your monkey mind and discover your passion.

Balancing Life Energies – Bringing into alignment time, money, physical vitality, enjoyment, creativity and relationships.

Balcony Coaching – Coach Darla is full of love and generosity.  Your session may have ended but you enjoy one another’s company.  Perhaps you’ll retire to the balcony and enjoy the view.

The Border – The murky place we all step into as we do something new in pursuit of an important goal.  This is the place where the high energy of the metaphysical meets with the density, impermanence and unpredictability of physical reality.

The China Wall – When your monkey mind makes a problem seem insurmountable and impossible to get around.

Clarity, Focus, Ease and Grace – We move forward with these qualities when we are fully engaged in physical reality.  We see what it truly important and worth working toward; we direct our energies toward accomplishment, venturing further than we normally would; we move forward with elegance instead of struggle; we are spiritual, grateful and aware that all is well.

Coaching Arena – A process that clearly sets up the coaching space and relationship with Darla.

Compassion… Who’s Got It?  – Coach Darla says that everyone has compassion in their hearts.  The challenge is developing the skills to use it for yourself and others.

Goddess – The authentic woman who understands and reflects feminine empowerment.  She is flirtatious and fun as she pursues her life with confidence, gratitude and joy.

High Noticing Glasses – Coach Darla’s glasses with the big eyeballs.  Put them on and look and see your truth.

Intention –  Your life’s purpose and meaning.

King Kong – Rampant monkey mind.  Faye Ray, Empire State Building, sirens blaring.  You get the picture.

Let’s Go to the Chart, Shall We?  — Coach Darla’s way of keeping you on track.

Lights On  — The physiology of finding your passion.  You’ll become noticeably radiant, develop and aura and feel vitality and a sense of being energized.

Maah Mooh Moment – The feeling you get when you reach the border, the moment of the metaphysical reality meeting with the physical reality.

Monkey Mind – A concept rooted in Buddhist teachings, the self-critical aspect of the human mind.  The inner voice inside your head that provides a constant, ongoing judgmental chatter filled with criticism, self-doubt and worst-case scenarios.

Open Your Heart  — The moment of relief when your heart goes whoosh and you physically begin to breath.  You’ve gone past the person you pretend to be, the person you’re afraid you are — and you’ve discovered your true, authentic self.

Pilot to Co-Pilot – A leadership communication methodology.  The pilot gives instruction, the co-pilot responds with action and gives feedback to the pilot.

PMS! – Personal Mission Statement!

State of Being – This is the field of study explored in ontology.  It studies the state of being – who we really are.  Other studies of the human experience are:  theology, the study of God; psychology, the study of the mind; and cosmology, the study of the physical universe.  Ontology supports an internal understanding of reality and how it shapes the way we participate in life, work and relationships.

Waa, Waa, Somebody Call the Ambulance – Coach Carla’s “gentle” admonishment when the whining gets to be too much!  (It’s actually a Bruce Willis line.)

Whoops Review – A feedback process in which the team examines what has worked and what hasn’t worked (whoops!).  It invariably features applause!

You Had to be There – Darla’s Personal Story.  Look forward to her memoir!

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