What would Liz say??

Dame Elizabeth Taylor who recently passed away at the age of 79, was a Goddess wasn’t she?  You sure don’t question what she stood for.  What images are conjured when you think of her?  Special.

She exuded pure sexuality (think Cleopatra and Richard Burton), enduring love (Richard again – and many others) and deep friendship (Michael Jackson).  Elegance, indulgence and romance was her unique brilliance.  These enduring qualities represent the ancient archetype of the Romantic and the spiritual contract of “heart-to-heart” connection.

She was luminous.

Why did she attract so much attention? I don’t think that she was a calculating diva; I think she took the parts of her that resonated with the public and used them to her advantage.  She was a strong, sexy gal that knew what she wanted and knew instinctively how to get it.   Her core values appealed to our deep need to be loved and appreciated.  She got the attention she did because of the way she lived her life.  Her life spelled P-A-S-S-I-O-N.

She had a brand and she lived it to the hilt.

Do you know your core values?  What do you stand for?  What is your unique brilliance?  Know your unique brand and live it to the hilt.  Have people understand and “get” who you really are and what you do.  Use your brilliance and brand to attract the love you want, the ideal clients you want.

Use your brand to coach yourself through the rough spots and the blocks that keep you stuck in frustrating situations.  Learn your gifts, strengths and challenges of your brand archetype and how to leverage them to get the life you want.

The world has changed.  Just “good enough” is just not good enough anymore.  Standing in your power is more important than ever.  Especially for women.

Brilliance is luminous, provocative, engaging, and passionate.  Just “good enough” can never possess these qualities.  Be your brilliant, authentic self.  Be real.  Be committed to doing what you do best, no matter what.


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