Read through to the gift below to share this Thanksgiving. Enjoy!


Are you irritable and bug eyed with the notion there will probably be no vegan dishes at the Thanksgiving dinner table for you? Pissy after driving through the rain and snow for hours to get to Auntie Emme’s house? Worried that cousin Dottie is there this year – loud, obnoxious, in everyone’s business, telling everyone how to live their life? Of course, Joe’s sister will whine about her latest love affair gone wrong and drink too much. Are you registering an “8” on the Crank-O-Meter scale because the Christmas lights are already up on your neighbor’s house – brilliantly? And you haven’t even started your Amazon Christmas list…


Get over it. Most likely if you are reading this, you have a place to go with plenty of food on the table. Vegan be damned! Let’s eat! That’s a good reason to be grateful right there.


Have a happy Thanksgiving and beyond. Choose to be grateful. A few good reasons why it’s better to be grateful than cranky:

  ·  7 Overall positive emotions can add up to 7 years to your life

  ·  Grateful people have 10% fewer stress related illnesses, be more physically fit and have blood pressure that is lower by 12%

  ·  Our youth will have 13% fewer fights and 20% more likely to get “A” grades



May you have a beautiful, loving and wholehearted Thanksgiving! Please enjoy this gift: “The Thanksgiving Reader.” (Thank you Seth Godin.)


This Thanksgiving week and beyond, take a few minutes to breathe, connect eyeball to eyeball, heart to heart and realize the true magic of gratefulness.


Thank you for being in my life.



“The Thanksgiving Reader” – Make copies, pass on to others and share the big magic of gratitude.




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