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Life Intentions Inventory:
Do you lose energy and focus as you pursue your personal and professional goals? Are you overwhelmed, “stuck” and unsure of your next step? Do you lose steam and give up on your goals before they become a reality in the physical world?

Life Intentions are not about what you DO but WHO YOU TRULY ARE. They give you a sense of meaning, direction and certainty as you pursue your goals. Use the intentions that you rate 4 and 5 to anchor the goals you set. No matter what is going on around you, calling in the life intention and being willing gives you focused energy. You will be reminded of the contribution you are here to make.

Busyholism Inventory:
It does take time to care about the things that matter to us. When we get “too busy” to focus on what really matters to us, we lose pieces of ourselves. Do some “high noticing” of your ratings in the Busyholism Inventory. How many 4’s and 5’s do you have? Check in with yourself. Is it time to re-evaluate what you do with your time? Consider slashing your “to do” list by 50%….too scary? Okay, try 40%. Try this for one day and see if you have more spaciousness in your life. Come on…give it a try – time’s a wast’n!

I invite you to take the “Busyholism Inventory” assessment. Hopefully you are not too busy!

Organizational Intentions Inventory:
Are you losing focus as you pursue your professional goals? Do you feel discourage to work in a team within your organization? Are you overwhelmed, “stuck” and unsure of your next step?

This form lists twenty one Organizational Intentions that are important to many groups. This inventory will help you identify your level of engagement, performance, responsibility, motivation, trust, communication and suitability in relationship to your group/organization. Use the intentions rated as 4 and 5 as the backbone of your team/business strategy. Consider using an intention as the focused energy behind your next meeting. The idea is to focus your energy towards productivity and efficiency and what contributions you and your team bring to your company or organization.

Take the Organizational Intentions Inventory and find out which intentions are important to you as a member of the organization.

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