Olympics and Leadership


Sniff.  Sniff.  The 2012 Summer Olympics have come and gone.  Like many people, I was glued to the TV like white on rice.

Whatever.  You get my drift.

Youth from all over the globe showed up and suited up.  The best of the best.

Everyone was there.  Catherine.  William.  Harry.  The Queen.

I couldn’t help but notice how the words and phrases used by “Prime Time Bob” and “Late Night Mary” may also describe the characteristics of a leader and the qualities of teamwork.

I was inspired.

Focus on something that can move you forward because the thunderbolt can hit anytime (attributed to Coach Pat Riley).

Put it together.

In the present.

In the qualifying he looked uncharacteristic and made mistakes.  But today [when it counted] he produced.

Destiny is out of his own hands and he will have to rely on his team.

Failure and disappointment.

Spirit.  Purpose.

Teamwork personified.


Go USA.  Go girls.  Girl power.

Unlikely pair won gold.

Trust your training.



You don’t have to be anywhere near the podium to make an impact.  (Oscar Pesorus, double amputee)

When I am stuckified and everything is on the line.

When in a nanosecond a decision determines winning or losing.

When making that decision that can slingshot your company into forward, positive motion.

Call on the memory of the Olympians.  What would they do?

*Coaching Tool:  Put leadership and teamwork words and qualities on your vision map.


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