As I write this I am at the ABWA National Conference in Irving, Texas. The women I have met are full of pizazz and energy. I think I am in Goddess Heaven! I have met gurus in academia, head honchos of corporations, ladies in multi-level marketing businesses and other business owners, women who work in middle and upper management…All kinds of gals! I am feeling good and my energy is up. Everything is flowing and fun.

Hmmm… Now I get it. They have the attraction factor and so do I.

These women are lights on and being who they really are… Goddess in every sense of the word. They are real and authentic, know who they are and they know their brand. They know that success in business is about relationships and connections with others and they demonstrate this consistently.

I am impressed with these women. Their Goddess is shining very bright (so much so that I have been wearing my sunglasses most of the time!) and I want to be around these women.

It is energizing and fun to be with other like-minded women who are aware and conscious of their personal brand and they show up that way in everything that they do.

These are women who are their brand. They are aware of their own needs and the needs of others and reach out with curiosity. They have a good pulse on their business and themselves and are visionaries, looking ahead into the 21st century. They know how to showcase themselves and have relationships that are easy and fruitful. They are energized with spirit and fun.

I like hanging out with these gals. I want what they have. I am attracted to fun and easy people.

How about you? Who do you hang with? Do they have the attraction factor? Do you?

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Yee Haw!


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