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How are those resolutions coming along? I AM ON A ROLL!

I was prepping for the Vision Mapping Playshop this weekend by updating MY vision board and here is where I am at…

In just three weeks things are already paying off. I have my 1 ½ hour of yoga/spinning/Nia going on bright and early every morning (5:30 AM I might add), my new and improved diet is working wonders (Vegan). In fact, it is working so well that I am bubbling up with energy 24/7, getting tons of work done


The French class is going great! I will be on top of it connecting and communicating all through Provence and Cotes de Rhone in September which is when my fully planned trip is planned. Yep – you heard me right—totally planned.

In your (my) dreams baby!

I guess it’s the Pinot Grigio last night or the southern fried steak I had for lunch today has gotten to me.

It’s true that so many of us start losing steam, get frustrated or just give up on those optimistic resolutions. However well-intentioned we are, somehow the dreams we started the New Year out with start to fizzle out and ultimately, will not come to fruition.

Here are some ideas to get started on those dreams:

  • Create a Vision Board. As dorky as it seems, what the Hell …it works! In fact, there is scientific evidence (check out Heisenberg research when you have a few hours) that the mind influences physical matter. If you create it, look at it and take action on it magic happens. I will go so far as to be with Californians on this and say “Consciousness can shape reality.”

  • Have your goal be supported and anchored by a strong INTENTION (download a complimentary Intentions Inventory here!). I may not jump out of bed at 5:30 AM for a spinning class to lose 30 pounds but being a loving grandmother hiking in the Grand Canyon with her grandkiddos with ease and flow may make that happen. I said may.

  • Just slap a few pictures on a poster board…NOT! Snore. Blah. Not juicy. Your dream is not like your neighbor’s down the street. It is not a cultural thang…this goal should come from deep inside self. Where your innate, authentic self resides.

  • Dig deeper. When you look through the magazines pictures and something jumps out at you – paste it! Responses like “Whoa!” “ Aaaahhhh.” “!!!” or “??” and skipped heartbeats are the only acceptable “paste its”.

  • No censoring or analyzing. I know. It makes no logical sense but getting these pictures on the board makes stuff happen.

  • Use it or lose it. Post your board where you can see it and follow the action steps you’ve create to make it happen. OR (and this is interesting) put the board away, recycle it. Whatever. But stop thinking about it. Some of you may become driven to be results oriented and create a lot of unnecessary, working hard energy. The purpose of a vision board is to focus your attention intensely for a short while. But after that LET GO and see what happens. You need to be relaxed enough so that you can SEE the opportunities to make stuff happen and you certainly do not want to be drained or you won’t enjoy the rewards.

  • A vision board is just that. You still have to take action and do the work that supports it.


In review…Consistently visualizing your dreams that have not yet materialize. Detach with kindness. And be ready to jump into action when stuff shows up.

And ALWAYS get support.

Until next time, do work that matters…

“You need dreams to live. It’s as essential as a road to walk on and as bread to eat. I would have felt myself dying if this dream would have been taken away from me by reason.”

-Philippe Petit

Reflecting on his high-wire walk between the World Trade Center towers on August 7, 1974


Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 5.28.11 AM

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  • Bennie scott January 15th, 2015 9:07 pm

    Hey Darla, Bennie here…met you through Dawn…remember way back when I got to Texas from Mississippi…I was a mess and you really gave me a jump start. I have remarried a great man…you’d love him. Own my own home…started my “new” fitness program before the holidays so it the holidays at my ideal weight…boy was that a good idea with all the feasts. I am not doing a heck of a lot on the career front, just pet sitting, but I love animals so it is good. Live in a little town on the river so have a kayaking and spend a lot of time at the river when it is warm. Life is good. If you are still collecting art you might be interested in my husband’s paintings…let me know if you are interested and I will send you a link or such. If you head toward the Austin area let me know…we aren’t far…would love to see you! Oh and, I am a grandmother…Isaac Thomas who is 2!

  • Bennie scott January 15th, 2015 9:09 pm

    ok I thought this was you email…didn’t mean to make a public comment!!!!!!! Didn’t even read it over for mistakes!!!

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